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What is an AME?

An Aero-Medical Examiner (AME) is a physician that is designated by the FAA to perform medical exams on pilots.  The AME's job is to make sure pilots are medically safe to fly. 

What does an AME do?

They perform a physical exams and other testing to ensure the pilot's meet the FAA's standards.  These are legally required by the FAA prior to being able to operate an aircraft without an instructor.

Our AME's

Dr. Earl F Martin and Dr. Earl E Martin (Dr B) are both senior AME's (can perform Class 1, 2, and 3 physicals) with with nearly 50 years and 20 years of AME experience respectively. 


Additionally, Dr B also performs ATC exams, is board certified in sleep medicine and is a HIMS AME.  He is also a pilot (seen standing next to his Blue and Yellow Series 7 Kitfox).

Dr. Earl F Martin served as a flight surgeon in the USAF and was honorably discharged as a Major.  He is a pilot and clearly envy's Dr. B's Kitfox and amazing piloting skill.  But at least he got to fly the T38 below while stationed at Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX (he is in front seat in the picture).


Where do I do the exams?

FAA Medical exams can be performed at either the Tomball or the Conroe location


The Conroe location is located inside the General Aviation FBO at Conroe Regional Airport (KCXO).  

Fly in exams are welcome!

To schedule an appointment please call 281-351-7155

For any other FAA related questions (not appointments) email us at

Color vision options

Color vision screening can be variable so we offer multiple FAA approved options for color vision screening.

  • Titmus V4

  • Ishihara (14, 24 and 38 plate)

  • Farnsworth Lantern

Cost of FAA exams (not HIMS)

$170  Standard FAA medical    (same for class 1, 2 or 3)

$75    ECG 

$25    CACI/Special Issuance (this will due at each visit for those that require them)

$250  Basic Med

There may be additional costs to send packages (papers, folder, CD images, etc) to the FAA on your behalf.  Note that paperwork may now be uploaded directly to the FAA by our office (in max 3 MB size files fo rnow).  With that in mind, if you scan the documents they can be emailed to us at  Additionally if there is a significant amount of complexity or time spent in discussion with the FAA on your behalf there may be minimal additional charges.  

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